Lazzerini S.r.l. S.B. is committed to adhering to the highest ethical, mora,l and legal standards in the conduct of business. 

Lazzerini S.r.l. S.B. encourages its employees, collaborators, suppliers and third parties identified by legislative decree 24/2023 - in the event that they become aware of offences concerning points 3), 4), 5) or 6) of Art. 2 paragraph 1 letter a) of legislative decree. 24/2023 - to report any findings through the channel outlined below. All such reports will receive the protection of confidentiality and not suffer retaliation. With the entry into force of legislative decree 24/2023, LAZZERINI S.R.L. S.B. has adopted a procedure for handling whistleblowing reports that can be consulted at the following link: 

Whistleblowing Procedure
Whistleblowing Procedure
and has set up a reporting tool through an encrypted electronic platform accessible via the following link:



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