Research and progress

Each goal represents a new departure point for those who like us are committed every working day to the quest for new solutions. A transversal attitude that involves all departments from the planning phase with the aim to improve comfort, design, reliability, cost efficiency and ecological impact of every product. Technologies, materials, ergonomic studies, testing, production organisational flexibility are the foundations on which we rely in our daily activity to obtain maximum efficiency in time and costs. From this point of view we have established a close collaboration with the University of Ancona Italy which is focussed on  research and perfection of lighter and more resistant seat structures. A field of study fundamental in order to give a balanced and substantive response to the growing pressure towards lighter seat weights and consequential  reduction in energy consumption.


Prototyping in our company is in the safe and experienced hands of a specialist internal department. It is at this critical development stage that we concentrate all our abilities to offer our customer the product type, formed and perfected according to the project or initial request. To see, touch, use and share the results of the first prototype together with the client allows us to approach production with complete awareness responding fully to agreed targets.

Testing laboratory

The safety and reliability of a seat are invisible qualities that are verifiable only through trials and tests. In the prototype phase and prior to official testing, Lazzerini products undergo internal testing in our specialised laboratory. This autonomy allows us to proceed towards the final objective with maximum security and avoiding unnecessary and costly time wasted. The laboratory is prepared and equipped to conduct tests in the presence of authorised inspectors (Ministry of Transport, Shipping Registry and others) for official homologation testing. We are also able to construct vehicle structure modules / platforms for test purposes. This is a further capability that reinforces our competiveness in quality and efficiency of the supply process.


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