Lazzerini continues to invest on employes culture to delight the customers

Lazzerini & the WCM program with Stellantis (Ex FCA):

  • Started in Lazzerini Srl (Italy) – 1st quarter 2021
  • Extension in US, to replicate what implemented in Italy - the 2nd quarter 2021

World Class Manufacturing (WCM) is a structured, rigorous and integrated production methodology adopted at FCA plants worldwide, which involves the entire organization, from safety to environment, maintenance, logistics and quality. The primary objective of WCM is continuous improvement in all areas of production in order to guarantee the quality of the final product and meet customer expectations. Projects developed under the WCM methodology – which rely on a high level of employee involvement – target the elimination of all forms of waste and loss with the ultimate objective of achieving zero accidents, zero waste, zero breakdowns and zero inventory.

WCM is a production system where:

- Safety is a basic value
- Customer expectations are heard within the plant
- Leaders apply standards with method
- Waste and loss are not accepted
- Methods are applied with rigor
- All anomalies are made visible
- People involvement is the engine of change



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