Lazzerini lands in Australia

We are extremely pleased to welcome into our family the Australian company StyleRide, after signing the acquisition agreement at 9 Success Street, Acacia Ridge, in Queensland, Australia, on 18 March.

The enthusiasm with which we were greeted by the StyleRide team has convinced us that following the path together we have an extremely successful future ahead of us.

StyleRide was set up in 1996, the brainchild of two determined craftsmen/entrepreneurs, and has established itself over the years as the undisputed leader on the Australian market, thanks to a company vision focused on team creativity, product quality and total dedication to its customers.

Lazzerini and StyleRide share the same business vision and the partnership between them boosts and inevitably reinforces the benefits for customers: the know-how and skills of a global team (Europe, America, Australia) and a product range that together with the excellent ones proposed so far provides a further improvement on past successes, combined with an attentive customer service.

We are extremely proud to confirm that our mission throughout the world is to be a partner to our customers and offer a solution to every need, even the most unlikely.

And now it is time to start working on the next project for a new adventure... Lazzerini never stop exploring "


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